What Do Jobseekers Look For in a Possible Employer?

We live in a time where employers are always trying to get the best possible candidate for their vacancy, while job seekers are cautious of new work environments and roles. Obviously not every job seeker is the same and their specific needs will differ from person to person, however there are recurring factors that come up a lot during the recruitment process.


When applying for a new job, the location is almost always one of the defining factors in the candidate’s decision whether they want to take the job. Most candidates won’t be prepared to move halfway across the country for an average job, you can expect more candidates will be more willing to travel if your opening is a really desirable one.


Many businesses have started offering a number of flexible benefits for their employees. Flexible working can help you recruit and retain talent. Though flexible working doesn’t suit all environments and does have some disadvantages as sometimes it can become confusing.


When it comes to the list of things most important to your job, security ranks pretty high. Because of this if it seems like the company is on unstable ground many candidates will probably refuse any permanent positions. This is why it is important to convey a professional and composed atmosphere in an interview; you shouldn’t show any signs of weakness to the candidates.


One of the more obvious factors in whether a job seeker applies for a job is the pay; if the pay is too low you’ll probably struggle to stand out and be attractive to job seekers while the pay being too high could cause the company financial trouble.

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