How to Conduct a Successful Job Interview

It’s easy to think that all of the pressure in a job interview is on the job seeker, but those who conduct the interview also have the responsibility for the success of the interview. Luckily there are a number of techniques and rules to help conduct a successful interview.

Include more than one interviewer

By having more than one person conducting the interview you allow the interview to have two different insights, this will help with the flow of the interview as one person doesn’t have to continually talk. Having larger groups can also help people open up more and be less nervous. Having more than one person also makes the interview more reliable.

Prepare questions in advance

You should make sure you have all the questions you want to ask planned before the interview, having planned you questions it will become easier to review the candidates answers afterwards.

Take notes in detail

Note taking is very important as when you review how all the candidates fared you won’t need to rely on memory alone. Note taking creates a professional atmosphere and will help both you and the candidate to get in the professional mindset.

Explain the process to every candidate

You should make sure that every candidate knows exactly what they’re getting themselves into. This will serve you well as they will not be surprised by an environment or role that wasn’t what they expected.

Make the interview a conversation

To make the most out of your interview you must both be fully engaged in the conversation. One of the primary objectives of the interview is to get an understanding of what kind of person the candidate is. You should take care in listening and not rushing the candidate, when given more time candidates will often fill out their answers with more detail.

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